Building & Construction

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Changing Construction

Whether you are building from the ground up or retrofitting an existing structure ClimaShield Protective Coatings uses Rhino Linings’ high performance solutions to increase durability, water resistance, energy efficiency, safety, and the aesthetics. 

Benefits of Protective Coatings

Lowered Cost

Reduces maintenance costs, repairs, and equipment downtime. Our coatings have lower production costs than other traditional solutions.


Increase the lifetime of equipment. It won't crack, peel, split, or warp while also being UV Resistant.


Protect surfaces from the elements including: abrasion, impact, abuse.


Protect your crews with increased safety and productivity with non-slip surfaces.

Bridge Deck Protection Systems

Wasser Coatings - Polyflex Bridge System

Wasser’s innovative Polyflex Bridge Deck System, has been specifically engineered to provide lasting protection to concrete and steel bridge decks. In its NCHRP Synthesis 425 report, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program states that: “… concrete bridge deterioration is one of the most extensive bridge maintenance problems affecting the service of bridges. One cause is the penetration of moisture and chlorides into the concrete with subsequent corrosion of the steel reinforcement.” The annual direct cost of corrosion to highway bridges has been estimated to be greater than $8 billion. 

The defining characteristics of the Polyflex Bridge Deck System are derived from the tenacious bond of the Polyurea membrane providing both waterproofing as well as corrosion protection to the concrete bridge deck.

Typical Applications

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