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Flexibility and Safety

At ClimaShield Protective Coatings, we understand maintaining code and environmental guidelines in containment scenarios. We are able to provide a wide selection of options to fit your unique job.

Primary & Secondary Containment

Rhino Extreme

Formulated for extreme conditions including: outdoor environments and cold substrates. Frequently used with clairfiers, digesters, and equalization basins.


For use when you need high chemical stability for immersion and chemical resistance. Frequently used with chlorine systems, primary containment, and pipes.


Formulated for maximum impact and abrasion protection. Frequently used with sludge bins and tanks, sediment basins, and material handling equipment.

Rhino Hybrid

Formulated for high humidity, corrosion, and abrasion protection. Frequently used with wet wells, lift stations, and cooling towers.

Tanks & Pipes

These products have been formulated specifically for use with potable water and has undergone rigorous testing. Each of these meet strict NSF/ANSI 61 standards for use with potable water. 

HiChem 11-70 PW

Formulated to be a highly durable polyurea-based protective coating with fantastic chemical resistance. It has been approved for use in tanks 5 gallons or larger and pipes with a diameter of 0.75" or larger.

Pipeliner 5000

Designed as a self-supporting liner to repair aging or damaged oil, gas, sewage and drinking water pipelines.

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