Water & Waste Water

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ClimaShield Protective Coatings utilizes Rhino Linings for jobs that cannot afford to fail. Corrosion, leaks, and structural failures can be prevented. ClimaShield Protective Coatings uses polyurethane-polyurea coatings for water and wastewater treatment facilities for proven monolithic corrosion and spill prevention solutions. 

Benefits of Protective Coatings

Lowered Cost

Reduces maintenance costs, repairs, and equipment downtime. Our coatings have lower production costs than other traditional solutions.


Increase the lifetime of any surface. It won't crack, peel, split, or warp while also being UV Resistant.


Protect surfaces from the elements including: abrasion, impact, abuse.

Environmentally Friendly

ClimaShield Protective Coatings use solutions that are environmentally friendly with no VOCs or solvents.

Features & Applications


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