Military & Blast Mitigation

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Protect What Matters

All branches of the military, government contracts, and equipment suppliers utilize our Rhino Linings product lineup to mitigate shrapnel and deflect energy from ballistics and explosive blasts. These protective coatings have been tested through real-live situations as well as live-fire trials. Our Rhino Linings’ product has proven to withstand conventional weapons and explosive scenarios. 

Fuel Cell Containment

From transporting critical fuel to troops on the front-line or a simple delivery in a secure area, the BattleJacket Fuel Tanker Self Sealing Technology (FTSS) will get the job done. 


We utilize the BattleJacket system from High Impact Technology, LLC that is supported by Rhino Linings for their patented BattleJacket self-healing/self-sealing technology.


Minimize and help prevent fuel leakage on fuel tanks that arises from small arms fire. The coating system uses a spray polyurethane elastomer and a proprietary reactive additive which combine to expand and permanently seal holes from penetration. 

Blast Mitigation

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